Special Accommodations

If a traveler requires special or additional accommodations for or during travel, Iowa State University is able to provide reasonable adjustments. While we emphasize the importance of conducting travel in a cost-effective manner, we acknowledge that certain circumstances may necessitate additional expenses. Therefore, the actual costs incurred for the following accommodations, when traveling for ISU business and with a valid business purpose, can be reimbursed or charged to a T&H card:

  • Additional baggage fees for accommodating portable medical devices and ambulatory equipment.
  • Seats with extra legroom.
  • Pre-boarding or priority boarding.
  • Specialized transportation services to and from the destination.

Medical exceptions may not be paid by Sponsored Funds or Grant worktags. In such cases, cost centers are required to provide a PG or SG worktag.

Claiming Medical Exceptions

  • To claim a medical exception, travelers must provide a signed and dated doctor's note on clinical letterhead, clearly stating the necessity of accommodations.
  • The doctor's note should specify whether the medical reason is temporary or chronic. For temporary conditions, the note should include an end date.
    • The doctor's note should not disclose specific details of the medical condition, and any named medical conditions must be redacted.
  • All doctor notes must be provided to the Financial Compliance and Accounting office at least two weeks before the departure date of the trip for review.

We value the health and well-being of our travelers, and as part of our commitment to their comfort, all doctor's notes are reviewed annually. Travelers may be expected to submit updated doctor's notes on an annual basis unless the condition is specified as permanent. This ensures that our accommodations remain responsive to the evolving needs of our valued travelers. At Iowa State University, we prioritize both the practicality of travel and the personalized care of our community members.

Occasionally, travelers with bodies wider than an airline seat have requested reimbursement for an extra adjacent seat. Employees wanting to purchase two seats must secure approval from the department cost center manager. Seats must be in economy or coach class, and the extra seat expenses cannot be charged to federal funds. Medical notes from a doctor is not required for this expense.