Travel Information

Iowa State University's contracted travel agencies provide a more complete list of airline choices than some Internet sites. However, there sometimes are Internet-only specials that do not appear on the travel agents' reservation systems.

Our contracted travel agencies can order most Internet fares through, and However, the travel agency's service fee will be added to the cost.

Levels of Customer Service

Before making an Internet purchase, review the site's policies on refunds and exchanges. Some sites offer toll-free numbers to assist you, while others give only an e-mail address. Fees for cancellations or changes vary between sites.

Our contracted agencies have phone numbers to reach travel agents to assist you in obtaining refunds and exchanges for tickets purchased through their agency. However, neither our travel agents nor ISU staff will be able to assist you with resolving problems related to Internet ticket purchases.

Travelers who purchase tickets from Internet sites must use their personal credit card on the transaction and wait for reimbursement until after the conclusion of the trip. No travel advances will be made to facilitate the purchases of tickets. Acceptable documentation for the travel reimbursement includes the Passenger Receipt coupon or the E-ticket confirmation showing the amount paid. An itinerary that does not show an amount paid is not acceptable.

Risk to the Traveler

When purchasing tickets with a personal credit card the traveler assumes all risk. If the trip is canceled ISU will not reimburse the traveler for the ticket of a trip that was not taken, as the credit for the unused ticket goes back to the traveler's credit card. By contrast, trips arranged through our contracted travel agencies and subsequently canceled can have credits applied to the future trips of any ISU traveler, which ensures the value of the ticket will not be lost.

Airfare procured through our contracted travel agencies will be billed directly to a University credit card.

Regarding cancellations related to COVID-19, please reference this page.

Compliance With Policies

When making purchases online, the traveler still needs to comply with applicable policies and funding restrictions. For example, no first-class or business fares are allowed. Federal funds require U.S. flag carriers to be used. Travelers may not select an airline for the purpose of obtaining frequent flier miles or other premiums that benefit the traveler personally.

Our contracted agencies monitor reservations to ensure compliance with ISU's policies and federal funding restrictions (if applicable).

This page was last updated on September 24, 2019.