Travel Information

Contracted Travel Agencies

**On April 26, 2018, the Air Ticket Requisition ceased to function. The new procedure to purchase an air ticket through a contracted travel agency will be to use a specially-authorized Travel & Hospitality Card.**

Travel & Transport is no longer a contracted travel agency.

Corporate Travel Partners (Local Affiliate: Destinations Unlimited)
Phone: 855-261-7787 or 210-293-8661
Business Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Service Fees: $7.00 per transaction fee will be charged.
Net transaction fees: For non-commissionable tickets, such as those issued for consolidators, $25.00 for issue or exchanges, voids and refunds are covered in the transaction fee.
After-Hours Phone: 800-823-9917 (Incurs an additional $16.00 After-Hours Fee)
User Registration in Concur:

If you have any difficulties registering, please contact ISU Online Help Desk at 877-727-5188 or email for assistance.

How to Update Your Concur Profile
How to Book Guest Travel
How to Book as a Travel Arranger
How to Search for More Fares

Key Travel
Phone: 646-289-6836
Business Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Service Fees: $25.00 per ticket if ordered by phone.
Net transaction fees: $8.00 per ticket if ordered online.
To register for an online account, please email
After-Hours Phone: 888-339-1502 (within the U.S. - Incurs an addtional $50.00 After-Hours Fee)
After-Hours Phone: 001-646-289-6808 (outside the U.S. - Incurs an additional $50.00 After-Hours Fee)

Individual Purchases

Travelers are allowed to use their personal credit cards to purchase tickets from Internet sites. Although significant savings can sometimes be realized through Internet sites, travelers need to be aware of the site's policies regarding ticket exchanges, refunds and transfers. Travelers also should review the Travelers' Responsibilities and the Summary of Unallowable Travel Expenses sections before purchasing tickets from a source other than ISU's contracted travel agency.

When purchasing tickets with a personal credit card the traveler assumes all risk. Travel advances will not be issued to travelers who purchased air tickets on their personal credit cards, and reimbursement will not be made until after the trip has been completed. If the trip is canceled, ISU will not reimburse the traveler for the ticket of a trip that was not taken, as the credit for the unused ticket goes back to the traveler's credit card. By contrast, trips arranged through our contracted travel agency and subsequently canceled can have credits applied to the future trips of any ISU traveler, which ensures the value of the ticket will not be lost.

Travelers who are unable to accept these risks or to wait after the trip for reimbursement should consider other options, such as using a specially-authorized Purchasing Card.

When using a travel agency other than the contracted agency, travelers and departments should use caution to determine that the agent or consolidator is reliable. Since advance payment is required for the purchase of airline tickets, the financial reliability of the agent is important in order to ensure that the purchased tickets are delivered.

See the Summary of Allowable Travel Expenses for additional details.

Alternate Payment Arrangements

Payments by Disbursement Voucher can be made directly to non-contracted agencies only for "consolidator" tickets. A comparative quote from a contracted agency is not required. Approval from the Procurement Services is not required if it is for a single ticket, but purchasing tickets for a group will require completing a Web Requisition. Departments must be able to defend the reasons for using the non-contracted agencies if audited.

Departments using federal funds also need to use a U.S. flag carrier, as provided in the Fly America Act.

Back-to-Back Ticketing

Airlines usually charge a higher fare when the traveler does not stay overnight on Saturday. This "weekday only" fare often is more than double the fare that involves a Saturday night stayover.

To avoid these high fares, some travelers have attempted an aggressive strategy whereby they purchased two round-trip tickets, using only half of the tickets issued. This is called "back-to-back" ticketing.

The airlines consider this practice illegal and are using software to identify the travelers who purchased the "back-to-back" tickets. If you purchase a "back-to-back" ticket you run the risk of not being able to board your flight. You also run the risk of being billed by the airline for what the higher fare would have been. For these reasons, the university discourages the use of "back-to-back" tickets.

This page was last updated on February 2, 2022.