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Program Request

The Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) staff of the Controller's Department authorizes the establishment of new University Programs, other than sponsored programs Worktags that require a Supplemental Budget. If you need a Sponsored Program Worktag, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration - OSPA.

To request a new Program, submit a request within Workday by navigating to" 'Create Request > Program -- New.' You will, at a minimum, need to know the Cost Center and ISU Resource Type (IRT) before submitting the request.

To request a new PI Incentive Worktag, contact your SPA Accountant.

To request a new Gift Worktag, contact the ISU Foundation.

To request a new FSU (Faculty Start-Up) Project Worktag, contact Siti Sabtu-Schaper in the Provost Office.

Additional Requests

Department Detail (DD) Request

Before submitting a request, run the 'ISU List of Department Detail Reference IDs' report to confirm there is not already a DD created.

Naviage to: 'Create Request > Department Detail - New DD'

Department Detail Quick Reference Guide

Internal Service Provider (ISP) Request

An ISP is required when billing internally. The relationship between a Program Worktag and ISP Worktag will be 1:1. The ISP Worktag will be included at the transaction level (in addition to a Program Worktag), to identify transactions for reporting purposes.

Navigate to: 'Create Request > Internal Service Provider (ISP) - New.' This request is for Programs that have already been created. If requesting a new Program that needs an ISP you can do both within the request for a new program task.

Inactive/Edit Worktag Request

Before inactivating a Worktag, check that there are no in progress transactions using the Worktag (see ISU In Progress Transactions report, Find Budget Amendments, All Worker Costing Allocations), and that the Worktag has no available spend amount (see ISU Financial Summary - Legislative and Advance Commitments and ISU Financial Summary - Restricted Funds reports). Contact your ISD Specialist to move any transactions if needed.

Navigate to: 'Create Request > Inactivate/Edit Worktag'

If you have any questions, please contact us for guidance.

For more information about Worktags, reference the Foundation Data Model Overview Computer-Based Training on Learn@ISU (WKC-TRN-FIN-FDM-ON).