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Equipment Contact: Amanda Ellingson at (515)294-6388 or

Iowa State University's movable capital equipment inventory records are managed in the Financial Accounting and Reporting department. This department is responsible for assisting University staff in determining if purchases should be classified as equipment, recording equipment in the equipment system, and assigning the equipment an ISU tag number.

Movable capital equipment includes purchased, fabricated, and donated items with a value of $5,000 or more and useful life of one year or more. Equipment purchases include the cost of the equipment (less any discounts), shipping and handling, installation, initial training, and any component parts necessary for the equipment to operate. Items that cannot be included as part of the equipment are: consumable supplies, extended warranties, replacement parts, and license renewals. Donated items with a fair market value of $5,000 or more also need to be recorded in the equipment system.

Departments and colleges are responsible for ensuring the assigned inventory number is properly affixed to the equipment item in a viewable location for audit purposes.

Further information on equipment and procedures can be viewed in the Policy Library.

Information regarding disposing or selling excess property can be viewed at ISU Surplus.

Equipment Trade In & Fabricated Equipment Procedures -- July 1, 2019

ISU tagged equipment that is traded on the purchase of another piece of equipment should be listed separately on the requisition or purchase order using spend category Equipment Trade In and including the ISU tag number in the memo field. The value received for the trade in should be entered as a negative amount.

When a department is fabricating equipment or paying a deposit to have equipment fabricated by a vendor, contact Teresa Wacha for an ISU equipment tag number to include on the requisition of the items purchased for building this item. The tag number will need to be entered in the memo field and the Review Required: Fabricated Equipment worktag selected on the requisition.

Workday Asset Transfer Request (Location, Responsible Person, Cost Center) July 1, 2019

Cost Center Managers and Cost Center Asset Liaisons have access to request an asset transfer. A transfer may be requested to update the location of an asset, change the name of the person responsible for the asset or transfer to a new cost center. Click here to view the Asset Transfer Job Aid.

Equipment Transfers and Sales

These procedures are to be followed when faculty members or researchers will be leaving ISU and wish to sell or transfer equipment items purchased by ISU to their new employing institution.

US Government-owned Property Control Manual

This manual provides general instructions and procedures for ISU departments to use in controlling and managing US Government-owned property held by ISU. US Government-owned property includes both US Government-furnished property and property acquired by ISU where the title vests with the US Government.

Biennial Inventory Review

Biennially, during the month of December, an inventory list is generated and distributed to departments for reconciliation. This list is required by state and federal mandates and enables the university to maintain accurate records. Teresa Wacha should be notified whenever equipment is transferred to another Cost Center or when equipment is moved within a Cost Center by entering an Asset Transfer Request in Workday. Cost Center Managers and Cost Center Asset Liaisons have access to make this request. See the link under Workday Asset Transfer to view the Asset Transfer Request Job Aid.