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Accounting/Compliance Office

Per the University Policy Library, Procurement Services has the responsibility for handling all procurement transactions. ISU employees have no authority to commit ISU funds, and should submit a Requisition to Procurement Services or use the ISU Purchasing Card whenever possible, rather than requesting reimbursement for items purchased with personal funds. Using a Requisiton or the ISU Purchasing Card also exempts ISU from sales tax and saves 7% for local purchases.

Please contact Procurement Services for information on purchasing a good or a service.

For additional questions on allowability, please see the Allowability & Appropriateness Manual.

Reimbursements for non-travel expenses may not circumvent ISU’s Procurement policies.

If you have questions, please email

Categories not listed below probably are prohibited by the Restrictions on Non-Travel Reimbursements (see above) or require a Requisition through Procurement. Please email with any questions.

Expense Type

Preferred Payment Method


Reimbursements to Non-Workers (including students who are not employed)

Workday Non-Worker Expense Report


T&H Card or P-Card

Reimbursement through Expense Report

Payment for registrations is preferred on a T&H Card, unless declined for merchant code control. If T&H Card is declined, or you do not have a T&H Card, a P-Card may be used. Alternatively, the registration can be paid personally and reimbursed on an Expense Report.

Interview Expenses

T&H Card

Reimbursement through Non-Worker Expense Report

The T&H Card should be used for interview expenses whenever possible. Itemized receipts are required for interview meals regardless of payment method. Alcohol cannot be reimbursed, except when using unrestricted agency funds, or when hosting non-ISU employees and using unrestricted ISU foundation funds. For group meals, the names of the attendees and the business purpose of the meeting must be included.

Tuition Reimbursement for ISU Classes

Student Award Form

Tuition reimbursement may affect other financial aid. The Financial Aid Office must review these transactions, even if no other financial aid has been awarded. The Accounts Receivable Office will refund any credit balances resulting from tuition reimbursements.

Tuition Reimbursement for classes outside of ISU

Reimbursement through expense report

Non-ISU classes are not approved for reimbursement through ISU’s Tuition Reimbursement Program and can only be reimbursed with department approval as part of professional development.

This page was last updated on May 27, 2021.