Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

If you have the role of approver (or proxy) for your department you have the important responsibility of determining whether the expenses to be reimbursed are allowable and appropriate. If you are unsure about issues of allowability please click here for a refresher, or call the Office of Compliance at (515) 294-3790.

Although we have online edit checks to reduce some routine errors, approvers and those who enter expenses on behalf of the employee have not been absolved of their responsibility to perform a thorough review of the expenses being claimed, including a review of whether expenses are supported by required receipts. (Please see Receipts / Audit Requests for more information on when receipts are required.)

The approval process needs to be more than just a "rubber stamp." If you have doubts about the appropriateness or reasonableness of an expenditure you should withhold approval of the reimbursement until you receive an adequate explanation from the employee. If you do not understand the explanation offered, ask again and require the explanation to be made clear. Even with a full explanation you may find a particular expenditure unallowable.

This page was last updated on September 13, 2022.