Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

For all travel reimbursements, itemized receipts are generally only required for single expenses over $75.00 **, with the exceptions of lodging, airfare, group meals, and expenses on behalf of another, all of which require itemized receipts regardless of the amount. Non-travel expenses claimed on a travel reimbursement (e.g., books purchased at a conference, or a group meal for an interview) also require itemized receipts, regardless of the amount. For all other expenses $75.00 or less, the university does not require receipts. Individual departments can choose to require their employees to retain receipts for all amounts but cannot require them in Expense Reports.

For non-travel reimbursements, itemized receipts are required for all expenses, regardless of the amount.

Receipts for group meals must be itemized to indicate if alcohol was included. A credit card receipt showing only the total is not sufficient documentation. If the itemized meal receipt is not available, a Certificate of Missing Receipt form must be submitted.

All receipts denominated in a foreign currency must be converted to U.S. Dollars. Please see Foreign Travel - Foreign Currencies for information on sources for conversion rates.

Receipts in a foreign language should include a brief English translation provided by the person being reimbursed, as this will be necessary for the verifiers and approvers to understand what is being reimbursed.

Workday randomly selects travel and non-travel reimbursements to be audited, based on an algorithm. Controller’s Office may also perform additional audits.

** The $75.00 threshold for requiring receipts refers to when a receipt normally would be issued. For example, if the traveler parked a car for three days in a parking garage where the charge was $30.00 per day, we would expect to see one receipt for $90.00. Since the amount for that use of the parking garage was above the $75.00 threshold, a receipt would be required. However, if a traveler traveled to three different cities on different days and incurred $30.00 charges each day, a receipt would not be required, as these were separate uses of a parking facility, each below the $75.00 threshold.

This page was last updated on August 3, 2021.