Iowa State University

Campus Organizations Accounting Office


WARNING: The Student Government only funds commercial modes of travel. Rental cars will not be allowed - must only use university vehicles, airline travel and/or bus travel.

For student organizations planning to travel, please complete the Student Organization Travel Authorization (SOTA) request and follow all travel policies and procedures found below. For additional information before planning your travel, please visit the Campus Organization Accounting Office, 1580J Memorial Union.

Travel Policy - Student Organizations

General Travel Guidelines

Travel for ISU students/staff should utilize a student-held purchasing card. Fuel in a personal car for travel using the student-held purchasing card replaces the previous mileage reimbursement processes.

Travel arrangements such as airline tickets and hotels must be paid by the student organization utilizing their student held pcard when arranging for a visitor/speaker/performer to campus. Mileage may be paid to a visitor up to $.56 per mile. Total mileage paid shall not exceed the price of commercial travel. Please attach a mileage map and the calculation for the total amount. Any other expenses such as toll, parking, etc. may be reimbursed with an original, itemized receipt as well as proof of personal payment attached to the Miscellaneous Payment Request.