Campus Organizations Accounting Office

Financial Management

Managing your organization's funds is a critical component of running a successful organization. As the treasurer/advisor, you have been granted financial access to Workday and specific reports for you organization.

Treasurers and Advisors for Campus Organizations have permissions to review financial information fo their organization in Workday. Ue the guides below to find information on the organization account balance and to see what transactions have posted to the account (p-card transactions, deposits, etc.).

What is a Program Worktag?

Information on what a program worktag is, and how to find the program worktag for your organization.

ISU Financial Summary Balance Restricted Funds

Use this report to find information on the current balance in your organization account.

ISU Transaction Detail

Use this report to see whether an expense or deposit has posted to your organization account. This is also used as a starting point for finding more information about foundation deposits, Student Government Audits.

Foundation Deposits in Workday

Use this guide to find donor information from deposits that come in through the Foundation.