Campus Organizations Accounting Office

Procedures for Expenses

Payment Processing Policy

The purchasing method of payment for student organizations is the Student-Held Pcard! See the Student Purchasing Card Program for details!

With few exceptions, the method of payment is the Student Held P-card (VISA) excluding the following for making payments to the vendor / payee directly:
  1. Emergency (this will be up the COA manager’s discretion) An example is someone stranded in an airport and needing emergency lodging.
  2. Vendor doesn’t accept credit cards at all. Process a Miscellaneous Payment Request payable to the vendor directly.
  3. Stipend or honoraria payments which require a W9 for tax reporting purposes
  4. Mileage for ISU visitors (very few of these for ISU students / staff as we prefer to pay for fuel directly with a p-card)
  5. P-card transactions which have been moved to a U-Bill with proof of U-Bill payment and original, itemized receipt, along with U-Bill statement showing charges on U-Bill.

All funds spent from an organization's account must be for the benefit of the organization. No funds may be spent for personal benefit of individual member(s) without the express consent of the organization. Wages, fees for service, honorarium and stipends require special forms. NOTE: Expenses incurred must comply with the Campus Organizations Accounting Office spending guidelines regardless of dollar amount.

Required Authorizing Signatures

Both the organization treasurer and adviser must approve all forms authorizing an expense. The signatures must match those on the signature form. No other person can delegate for the signature. Stamped signatures and digital signatures are not considered authorized signatures. Changes of officers and advisers must be submitted before the new individuals are authorized to sign documents.

Campus Organization Purchasing Card

COA P-Card Information
COA P-Card Manual

Gift Card Policy

Purchasing gift cards is only permitted when giving a gift to someone. You must complete and attach the gift form to the p-card transaction as well as the receipt before it is validated. In addition, if the gift card is for $100 or greater, the gift is taxable and a W9 must be completed by the recipient and submitted to COA.

The purchase of gift cards to purchase other goods is not permitted under any circumstance, as it is only circumventing the accounting system. (e.g. purchasing VISA cards to purchase items for a raffle).

Sales Tax Exempt Information