Accounting Office / Accounts Payable

To receive funds in cash at the Treasurer’s Office:

Prepare an Ad Hoc Bank Transaction and attach a completed Petty Cash Requisition form.

If you are adding to an existing petty cash fund you can use your department's existing Worktag on the Ad Hoc Bank Transaction. Otherwise, contact Financial Accounting & Reporting (294-6388) to request that a new Worktag be set up for a petty cash account.

NOTE: Only petty cash worktags with the IRT1139 optional worktag can be used for petty cash requests. Contact Financial Accounting & Reporting to set up a petty cash worktag if your unit does not already have one.

Please provide a name and number for the Treasurer's Office to contact when the cash is ready to be picked up. Ad Hoc Bank Transactions should be routed at least 72 hours before the cash is needed.

You can specify on the Ad Hoc Bank Transaction the denominations of currency or change that you would like to pick up.

To receive funds in the form of a check:

Prepare an Ad Hoc Payment.

The information requirements are nearly identical to the Ad Hoc Bank Transaction example above.

Most petty cash fund custodians use the Ad Hoc Bank Transaction method, as it is more convenient to pick up cash at the Treasurer's Office than to cash a check at a bank.

This page was last updated on April 2, 2021.