Accounting/Compliance Office

The Conflict of Interest Form is necessary to obtain information to comply with state and federal conflict of interest regulations. The form should be attached to payments to individuals that are allowable on a Supplier Invoice.

Please see How to Procure Services in Workday for a flowchart to determine when a payment can be made via a Supplier Invoice or through a purchase order or supplier contract.

  • For routine services, a non-catalog or a Contract Request Form Requisition must be submitted, which does not require the COI form.
  • Professional services of less than $2000 can be processed on a Supplier Invoice. For individuals, a COI form should be attached. For business entities, an invoice should be attached. A Professional Services Contractual Agreement (PSCA) should also be attached.
  • Professional services that are expected to be $2,000.00 or more will require a Non-Catalog Requisition or a Contract Request Form to be submitted, which does not require a COI form.
  • Payments to speakers and entertainers can be processed on a Supplier Invoice, regardless of the amount. A COI is required for individuals. However, if there is a signed contract, a Requisition is required, also regardless of the amount.

If you have questions about whether a Supplier Invoice is allowable, or what attachments are required, please call the Office of Compliance (294-5180).

This page was last updated on April 5, 2021.

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