Travel Information

Am I eligible to receive a travel advance?

Salaried Employees:

Salaried employees are discouraged from using travel advances for domestic travel, although advances are allowed for international travel.

Graduate and Undergraduate Students:

Students may request a travel advance for either domestic or international travel.

What alternatives to travel advances are available?

Please consider using a personal credit card or personal funds. Expense reimbursements are processed five days per week, which should enable reimbursement before the credit card payment is due.

Frequent travelers should consider applying for a Travel & Hospitality Card through Iowa State University. The employee pays no fee for the use of this card. Please contact Lesley Lackore in Procurement Services at 294-4589 for more information.

Registration fees can be prepaid by either a Travel & Hospitality Card or a Purchasing Card.

T&H cards can be used to book expenses for non-employees.

Lodging can be prepaid by a Supplier Invoice if the hotel sends an invoice to your department, detailing the charges per night for room and various taxes. If the Supplier record has not already been set up, you must ask the hotel for a W-9 form and have your Procurement and Expense Specialist initiate a supplier. This must be done before starting the Supplier Invoice, which must state the traveler's name, arrival date, and departure date in the Invoice Number field.

How can I request a travel advance for an employee?

Is there a limit to the amount that can be issued as an advance?

While there is no specific dollar limit, a travel advance generally should not cover more than one month's lodging and subsistence. Exceptions to the one month rule can be made for persons in remote overseas locations. Contact the Accounting Office (294-5124) for more information. Requests for travel advances of less than $100.00 will not be processed, as the costs of processing do not justify the minimal benefit to the employee.

When is the travel advance due?

Advances to employees should be cleared within 30 days of the completion of the trip. Employee travelers will receive a statement from Accounts Receivable.

Graduate students should be aware that the presence of a past-due travel advance on their Accounts Receivable account will hinder their ability to register for classes. Students should bring copies of their pending reimbursements to the Accounts Receivable Office when they register to alleviate any potential timing problems.

How do I clear a travel advance for an employee?

To clear a travel advance for an employee, the traveler or Procurement and Expense Specialist must enter the gross amount of expenses on the travel reimbursement. When the reimbursement procedure is run five nights per week, Workday checks for any outstanding advances. The amount of the advance will be deducted before the net amount is reimbursed.

If the expenses submitted are not enough to clear the advance, the traveler should send a personal check to the address listed on the Accounts Receivable statement to pay the difference. Do not send payment to the Accounting Office, and do not send cash through Campus Mail.

This page was last updated on October 10, 2019.