Travel Information

All ISU air tickets purchased by means of an Air Travel Requisition form through our contracted travel agency are charged to ISU's US Bank card account. The monthly intramural billings of air tickets are based on the monthly report from US Bank. The May 28th US Bank statement is the statement used to do the intramural tickets that are posted in late June. These are the last intramural air ticket charges posted in the fiscal year that ends June 30.

Fiscal Year-End Cutoff for Intramural Air Ticket Charges

To make sure that your air ticket is included on the May 28th US Bank statement you must have the ticket ordered through Travel & Transport by May 12, 2017. Tickets ordered between May 13 and May 28, 2017 may be posted in this fiscal year, but we cannot guarantee it. Tickets ordered after May 28th will not be billed until the next fiscal year. By June 9, 2017, we should have received the US Bank statement that tells us which tickets will be billed this fiscal year. If you need to know before the intramurals are posted later that month, you can call Dave Baker at 294-1940 to confirm whether a particular ticket will be charged.

Transfer for Intramural Tickets Not Charged

The Accounting Office will run a report of all air tickets that are 1.) encumbered against state funds (1XX and 7XX) and 2.) for departures dates in the current fiscal year. If your state-funded account has funds available to cover the air ticket charge, we will make an entry (a YEDI) to charge the air tickets to this year's budget. The YEDI will be posted as a June transaction on approximately July 7, 2017. You will not receive a copy. However, the description on your statement will read "YEDI to 202-0054." The YEDI will be reversed in July with a DI transaction in KFS, thereby returning the funds to your department to cover the actual intramural charge in the new fiscal year. If your balance is negative or insufficient to cover the air ticket charge, no entry will be made.

Deferring the Charge to the Next Fiscal Year

Tickets ordered in June for departures after June 30 automatically are deferred into the next fiscal year as described above, and no special notation is needed.

Please call Dave Baker at 294-1940 if your ticket is scheduled to be billed intramurally this fiscal year, but you would like it deferred to the next fiscal year.

This page was last updated on June 5, 2017.