Sponsored Programs Accounting Office

What We Do


Welcome to the Sponsored Programs Accounting Office located at 3609 Administrative Services Building. Sponsored programs are projects originating from financial agreements between the University and external sponsors that provide support or stimulation to accomplish a particular objective related to the mission of the University.

The Sponsored Programs Accounting Office, as part of the Controller's Department at Iowa State University, provides POST AWARD services to ISU researchers, administrative offices, and sponsors. We offer the following services:

  • Establish account numbers for spending
  • Collect funds from sponsors
  • Issue payments to subcontractors
  • Advise on sponsor regulations and fiscal allowability
  • Prepare financial reports as required by sponsors
  • Distribute monthly Sponsored Programs Financial Reports
  • Administer indirect costs and incentive programs
  • Provide training on post award administration
  • 4xx account balances
  • Verify costsharing and effort reporting

    The Preaward Office at ISU reports to the Vice President for Research. The link to that office is located on our home page. Preaward generally includes those activities which involve finding funding, submitting a proposal, and negotiating and accepting an award.

  • Maintains faculty interest database
  • Maintains funding sources database
  • Provides sponsor applications
  • Reviews proposals
  • Assists with budget preparation
  • Advise on submission of proposal data forms and supplemental budgets
  • Negotiates awards and subcontracts
  • Prepares subcontract agreements
  • Handles requests for extensions of time and rebudgeting