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Federal and Iowa W-4's

W-4 forms may be completed online or in the Payroll Office at 1560 Administrative Services Building or in University Human Resources in 3810 Beardshear. The W-4 withholding forms online are in Access Plus under the Employee Tab, W-4 withholding. You will need a valid ISU email address to compete these forms. If you claim exempt or more than 22 allownaces on the Iowa W-4 form, you will have to complete a paper form.

Below are links to the Federal and State of Iowa W-4 forms. Select and print the appropriate form, then complete it using the instructions on the form. Mail the W-4's to the ISU Payroll Office, 1560 ASB, 2221 Wanda Daley Dr., Ames, IA 50011-1004.

Federal W-4                     Iowa W-4

Download Acrobat Reader, if unable to print the forms.

General Information
An employee should complete the W-4 forms before they start employment. If they do not, Iowa State University will withhold taxes as if the W-4 was completed claiming single and 0(zero) exemptions. There are two W-4's to complete, one for Federal withholding and one for Iowa withholding.

Federal and Iowa income tax is withheld from wage payments based on marital status selected and the total number of allowances claimed on the W-4.

Federal and Iowa income taxes are calculated on taxable gross pay (gross wage less pre-tax items such as annuities and flex benefits.)

Employees may submit new W-4 forms any time and as often as needed. Taxes will be withheld at the appropriate rate based on the most current W-4 on file.

Illinois Residents

If you are a resident of Illinois and would prefer that your state taxes be remitted to Illinois and your earnings be reported to the state of Illinois, you need to fill out the 44-016 "Employee's Statement of Nonresidence in Iowa" form. This form is completed in the Payroll Office.

An employee who fills out the Iowa Nonresidence form still needs to complete an Iowa W-4. If you do not meet the criteria for claiming an exempt status, do not write "exempt" on the Iowa W-4.

If you change your residence from Illinois to another state, you must notify Iowa State University Payroll Department within 10 days of the change.


Individual tax matters are the responsibility of each employee. You should provide Iowa State University with accurate information when establishing your tax status. Federal and Iowa regulations impose penalties for supplying false withholding information.

Employees with tax questions can contact the ISU Payroll Department at 294-6556, the Internal Revenue Service at 1-800-424-1040, or the State of Iowa Department of Revenue at 1-800-367-3388.