Iowa State University

Payroll Office

Vacation/Sick Leave Information

Employees who accrue vacation and sick leave do so on a monthly basis. The amount of accrual is dependent upon the percentage of time an employee works. Accruals are added to an employee's file on the 10th of the following month.

The amount of vacation an employee accrues depends on their status, percent of time employed and number of years of service for merit employees.

The following is a chart of the vacation accrual rates:

Merit Staff at     Maximum Sick Leave  
100% Time Monthly Accrual Maximum Transfer Maximum Vacation
Years of Service Rate (Hours) Accrual (Hours) To Vacation (Hours) Balance
1-4 8.00 192 +96 288
5-11 11.33 271.92 +96 367.92
12-19 14.67 352.08 +96 448.08
20-24 16.00 384 +96 480
25+ 18.00 432 +96 528
A,D,K & P base 16.00 384 +96 480

Sick Leave
Full time P&S, faculty, and merit employees accrue 12 hours of sick leave per month. There is no maximum allowable for sick time accrual.

Converted Sick Leave
An employee can convert 12 hours of their normal monthly sick leave accrual to 4 hours of converted vacation after they have a balance of 240 hours of sick leave. Employees who do not accrue vacation leave cannot convert their sick leave.

An employee does not convert sick leave during a month that their sick leave balance falls below 240 hours, or when they use sick leave, funeral leave or emergency leave during the month.