Iowa State University

Payroll Office

University Payroll Forms

Below is a list of templates used by the Payroll Office. Select the template desired and "save file..." into your personal drive.

Payroll Correction Voucher

Payroll Correction Voucher-Salary Benefits


    Form used to transfer hourly payroll from one account to another.

    Excel -- 3/16

Confidentiality Agreement - VSL Roster Listing E-Reports

Required form to obtain access to Monthly Leave E-Reports.

PDF -- Revised: 10/10

Confidentiality Agreement - Payroll Vouchers E-Reports

Required form to abtain access to Payroll Vouchers E-Reports.

PDF -- Revised: 10/10

Emergency Payroll Advance Request

Form used to request a payroll advance for an individual who missed the payroll deadline for processing checks.

PDF -- Revised: 8/11

Employee Wage-Hour Report

Form used for recording hours worked, vacation and sick leave hours taken for monthly payroll.

Excel -- Revised: 4/06

Student Employee Wage-Hour Report

Form used to record hours worked by student employees.

Monthly Leave Correction Request/Conversion Request

Form used for making changes/corrections to monthly leave information.

PDF -- Revised: 8/11

Request for 12 Month Pay Option - B Base

Form used to request nine month salary paid over twelve months.

Word -- Revised: 3/16

W-4 Federal form

Form used to change federal tax withholding.

W-4 Iowa form

Form used to change Iowa tax withholding.