Iowa State University

Payroll Office

Address/Direct Deposit Changes

Change of Direct Deposit
If you want to change the direct deposit destination of your payroll check, enter Access Plus, click on Employee tab; Payroll Info, Direct Deposit, click I Agree/Update Direct Deposit, enter routing number, account number and account type. The change will be effective after the date stated. This account will be used for all payments from Iowa State University including, but not limited to, Title IV financial aid and payroll.

Change of Address
To change your local and permanent addresses on the Payroll system, enter AccessPlus, click on the Employee tab, Payroll Info, Address Change, Update Local/Permanent Address, enter new address and submit.

Change of Office Address
To change your office address, enter AccessPlus, click on the Employee tab; Payroll Info, Update Office Address, enter new address and submit.

If you have any problems, contact the Records Management Office at 294-4800.

How to Contact Records Management

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