Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

The routing path only displays what happened after the Authorization or Reimbursement was put into routing by the Verifier clicking the Route button on the Route Trvl Auth, Route Trvl Rmbrs, or Route Non-Trvl Rmbrs screens in the Employee Reimbursement System. The routing path does not reflect who entered the reimbursement or when the employee confirmed expenses.

The Name and Action Allowed columns display the expected routing path. The Action Taken and Action Taken By columns display the persons who actually took action. If the text is in red, it means that this person is the next person who must act.

The approvers and proxies are determined by the departments, as they completed the Employee Reimbursement System Routing Forms. A separate routing form must be completed for each department code.

Elizabeth Antol was the person who had the Verifier role and routed the confirmed reimbursement for approval. If Elizabeth also had been the approver for her department, she would have routed and approved in a single step.

The Authorization or Reimbursement will route first to the employee’s Vacation/Sick Leave (VSL) department, and then successively to the other funding departments. In this case, the Vacation Sick Leave department and the funding department were the same, so only one approver was needed.

The employee’s VSL home was 19140, which would have been visible from the Employee Reimbursement record. The designated Approver for department code 19140 was Erin Wilson. Both Erin Wilson and her proxy Andrew Kautman would simultaneously receive an e-mail after Elizabeth Antol put the reimbursement into routing. However, the approval step actually was performed by the proxy Andrew Kautman. Once Andrew Kautman had approved, Erin Wilson would no longer be able to approve, as it can only be approved once by each department code.

Unlike the department code for the VSL home, the funding source’s department code is not displayed in the Employee Reimbursement System. If there had been a funding source with a department code different from the Vacation Sick Leave home, that approver would not have been notified until the Vacation Sick Leave home department's approver had approved.

After the last approver has approved, the reimbursement goes into the reimbursement queue. Reimbursements are released on Wednesday and Friday nights, and the employee will be informed by e-mail on Wednesday or Friday night that the reimbursement will be in their bank account two business days later. (If the employee still receives a payroll check instead of a direct deposit, s/he will receive a check for travel as well.) Employees are notified by e-mail on Wednesday or Friday nights that their reimbursements are being sent to their bank accounts.

The Accounting Office audits selected reimbursements, although this does not delay the reimbursement process. Since May 1, 2009, if your reimbursement is selected for audit the Accounting Office will audit from the attached PDF file. However, you will still be contacted if the PDF file has missing or illegible receipts.

The persons contacted will be the Designated Verifier/Faxers 1 and 2 listed on the Employee Reimbursement System routing form for the department code of the first funding source used. This may be a different department than the VSL department of the employee.

(Exception: ISU Extension employees with Vacation/Sick Leave homes of 30312 through 30317 will have audit selection e-mails sent to the approver for the department codes of their Vacation/Sick Leave homes, rather than the Designated Verifier/Faxers of the funding source.)

This page was last updated on February 16, 2016.

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