Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

Air Ticket Requisitions are not routed to the designated approvers for the traveler's Vacation/Sick Leave home or the fund account number(s) used. The persons listed by the originating department's Employee Reimbursement System Routing form as approvers, proxies or originators (verifiers) have authorization to create and send the Air Ticket Requisitions directly to the contracted travel agency, unless the department requested otherwise. Air ticket reservations usually expire after 24 hours, which requires a more expedited process. Air tickets are not billed intramurally until at least a month after the tickets are ordered, which allows time to change the account number(s) being used if there is an objection when the encumbrance appears.

All employees have access to the Employee Reimbursement System and are able to enter their own Air Ticket Requisitions if they choose. However, only employees who are approvers, proxies or originators (verifiers) have the ability to send Air Ticket Requisitions to the contracted travel agency. When a traveler who is not an approver, proxy, or verifier completes the Air Ticket Requisition screen, an e-mail will be sent to the persons listed at the bottom of the Employee Reimbursement System routing form as designated verifier/faxers, prompting the designated verifier/faxers to log in and send that Air Ticket Requisition to the contracted travel agency on behalf of the traveler.

This page was last updated on February 16, 2016.

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