Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

The Air Ticket Requisitions by Name browse allows you to browse all of your department’s Air Ticket Requisitions in Payee Name order. You must first enter a Dept (e.g., 12050). To narrow your search, you can start the browse at a beginning point by entering a fragment of a last name in the Payee Name key field (e.g., HOUK). The Payee Name field is case-sensitive, so you must use all CAPS.

By clicking the underlined Rqstn # to the left, you can view an Air Ticket Requisition for more information. After an Air Ticket Requisition has been billed, you will not be able to update the record.

You can also click on the Event # to the right for other information about the trip.

This page was last updated on February 16, 2016.

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