Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

The Enter key on your keyboard will not be recognized. Instead, there will be a button at the bottom of the screen to click to save the information or to advance to the next screen.

Do not use the Back button at the top left of the Internet browser. This may cancel the information you have entered, or even result in a duplicate entry. Instead, there should be a menu option at the left of the screen that will serve your purpose.

Do not open the same reimbursement with two separate browsers. This will cause errors.

Using the Tab key on your keyboard will advance you to the next field. You can skip several fields by clicking on the desired field with your mouse cursor.

Clicking on existing data in one of the key fields (Payee Name, Dept, Rmbrs #, Date, Rqstn#) will highlight the entire field, which will enable you to overwrite the information.

Fields requiring dollar amounts already are populated with "0.00." You must highlight the entire field with your mouse cursor before overwriting the existing information. Do not attempt to enter the dollar sign, or your entry will be voided.

Fields requiring text information are blank and do not have to be highlighted before entering information.

Fields requiring a date to be entered follow the MM DD CCYY format, and can be separated by spaces, dashes or slashes.

Fields with a gray square to the right have drop-down menus that allow you to choose an existing option. For example, instead of browsing through all 50 states, you can speed your entry by entering the first letter of your state, then using the down arrow on your keyboard for the few remaining selections. You can use the Tab key from your keyboard to confirm your selection and advance to the next field.

When entering a university fund account number you do not need to use the Tab key on the keyboard to advance to the next field, unless you are skipping over the Section and Project fields when they are not required. You cannot use the Backspace key on your keyboard to go back to the previous field; you must click on the desired field with your mouse cursor.

Each screen has a help menu designed specifically for that screen. Help menus can be accessed by clicking on the "? Help" icon near the top right of the screen. You can also call Dave Baker (515) 294-1940 or Jane Houk (515) 294-5180 for assistance.

This page was last updated on February 16, 2016.

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