Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

The action buttons that appear at the bottom of the screen depend on who is entering the receipts. The difference is that only the person being reimbursed can confirm his/her expenses, and the person being reimbursed is not allowed to import his/her own PDF files of receipts.

If the person being reimbursed is entering the receipts, the following buttons appear:

If someone is entering the receipts on behalf of the person being reimbursed, the following buttons appear:

The Update button allows you to save your work without moving on to the next screen. Clicking Update is not required, as clicking Next Receipt or Confirm Entries (see below) also saves your work.

Next Receipt:
The Next Receipt button saves your work and advances to the next screen to enter another receipt.

Confirm Entries:
If all receipts have been entered, the Confirm Entries button allows the person being reimbursed to confirm the entries and to forward to the verifier.

Import Receipts:
The person being reimbursed is not allowed to import PDF files of receipts and must provide the original copies to the verifier instead. The verifier must review the original receipts when performing the audit and later create and import a PDF file of receipts. See pages 8-13 of the instructions for details on how to import receipts for non-travel expenses.

Prev Receipts for This Date:
If multiple receipts have been entered for this date, clicking this button will allow you to view the others.

Delete This Receipt:
Clicking this button deletes the entry from the screen, but does not delete any attached PDF images.

This page was last updated on February 16, 2016.

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