Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

This browse allows you to monitor trips that have been routed for approval, but are not yet reimbursed. You can use this browse to determine if an approver needs to be reminded to approve a Reimbursement.

The Dept is the five-digit Institutional Research Department Code. (See Institutional Research for more information.) You can change the Department Code by entering a new number in the Dept key field at the top of the screen. A translation of the number in the Dept field to a department name is given immediately below the blue shaded area. Graduate students will appear under department code 99999 instead of your regular department code.

The Route ? field indicates what steps have been taken so far.

Approved = A Reimbursement has been approved by the last approver on the list. However, as we only reimburse on Wednesday and Friday nights, the Reimbursement still shows on this browse.

Denied = One of the approvers rejected the Reimbursement after it was routed for approval. The person who first routed it for approval has been notified, and s/he must correct the Reimbursement and route it again. You can check the reason for the rejection in E-Forms Approval.

Routed = A Reimbursement has been routed for approval, but not yet approved by the last approver. In E-Forms Approval the View Routing button will indicate whose approval is still needed.

The NT column in the far right indicates a non-travel reimbursement if an asterisk is present.

If you have several transactions, you may need to click Next to find the record you are looking for. Once you have located the record you want to look at, click on the gray button to the left of the record. No fields are directly updateable on this screen.

This page was last udpated on February 16, 2016.

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