Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

Reversing an Approval:

If you are the last approver on the list and find that you mistakenly approved a reimbursement request, you can follow the procedures at Cancelling a Trip or Cancelling Non-Travel Expenses. If the reimbursement is cancelled before the Wednesday or Friday evening reimbursement runs, the employee will not be paid. If the employee still needs to be reimbursed a partial amount, a new reimbursement must be started under a different reimbursement number.

If you are not the last approver on the list and want to reverse an approval, you can call the next approver and request that the next approver reject the Reimbursement. You can determine who the last approver is by using the View Routing function in E-Forms Approval.

Reversing a Rejection:

If you are the last approver on the list and find that you mistakenly rejected a reimbursement request, you can reverse the rejection by going to the Employee Reimbursement System and selecting the Rmbrs Req/Unroute (or Confirm / Unroute NT for non-travel) menu option for the Rmbrs # involved, and then clicking the Unroute button. You can then correct the problem and route again for approval. The employee being reimbursed will not have to confirm again, but all the approvers will have to approve again.

When the final approver clicks the Unroute button, an e-mail is sent to the originator, indicating that the Reimbursement has been rejected. We strongly recommended for the originator to correct the existing Reimbursement rather than to create a new one from scratch.

After clicking Unroute, go to Daily Expense Detail, click the underlined date for the expenses that need correcting, enter the changes, go to Allocate Expenses to change the amounts, and route again for approval. (For non-travel, after clicking Unroute, go to NT Expense Detail and cancel the specific receipt(s) individually.

This page was last updated on February 16, 2016.

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