Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

The traveler can reject the Reimbursement during the confirmation step by going to Rmbrs Req/Unroute and clicking the Reject button instead of the Confirm button.

An originator who enters expenses under the wrong employee’s name can follow the instructions in Canceling a Trip. Once a Rmbrs # has been assigned, there is no way to change the Payee Name, and you will have to start over to reimburse another employee. The instructions in Canceling a Trip will prevent reimbursement even if the last approver has approved, as long as it is canceled before the next reimbursement run on Wednesday or Friday nights.

An originator who already has routed a Reimbursement for approval can go to E-Forms Approval and reject the Reimbursement, as long as s/he acts before the first approver has approved.

Approvers (and Proxies):
If the first approver has approved, the originator will not be able to reject it, but the next approver in the approval chain will be able to reject it.

An approver who mistakenly approves a Reimbursement in E-Forms Approval should contact the next approver to reject it.

If the last approver has approved the Reimbursement, go to Employee Reimbursements, enter the Rmbrs #, follow the instructions in Canceling a Trip. Changing the trip status to Cancel will prevent reimbursement, as long as the cancellation takes place before the Wednesday or Friday night reimbursement runs.

This page was last updated on February 16, 2016.

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