Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

Employee reimbursements for travel and non-travel expenses must be entered in AccessPlus, and routed electronically for approval. Non-employees, including students who are not employed by Iowa State University, must be reimbursed by means of a Simple Disbursement Voucher. Air tickets can be purchased via the Employee Reimbursement system from Travel & Transport for either employees or non-employees.

Employee reimbursements are processed twice per week. Reimbursements routed and approved by the close of business Wednesday should be in the employee’s bank account on Friday. Reimbursements routed and approved by the close of business Friday should be in the employee’s bank account on Tuesday. If the employee is still receiving a payroll check, the reimbursement check will be mailed on Thursday if approved by Wednesday, or Monday if approved by Friday. The payment method will be the same as is used for the employee’s payroll. Most employees already get their payroll deposited by ACH transfer.

(Iowa State University cannot send a direct deposit (ACH) transaction to a foreign bank account. If you choose to have your payroll/student refund/travel reimbursement direct deposited and do not have a domestic bank account you may open a free bank account associated with your ISUCard at US Bank. The University assumes no liability for direct deposit (ACH) transactions that are returned due to the fact that the account receiving the direct deposit is identified by the receiving financial institution as a foreign bank account. Questions? Call 515-294-4363.)

Original receipts must be retained at the originating department for ten years, and may be audited upon request by the Accounting Office, internal auditors, or external auditors. It is up to the approving department whether the receipts will be filed centrally or separately by each approver.

[Effective May 1, 2009, all receipts must be scanned and attached by the verifier before being routed for approval. The original receipts for the scanned documents must be kept on file at the department for one full year. The Accounting Office will audit from the scanned PDF files.]

Edit checks are performed on every screen that requires data entry to reduce the auditing required at the end of the process. If you make an entry error, you will be prompted to correct the error before continuing to the next screen. For additional information on ISU's travel policies and procedures, click here.

This page was last updated on February 16, 2016.

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