Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

Go to AccessPlus and enter your University ID number and your password. If you have never set up a password, or have forgotten your password, please click here or call the Help Desk at 294-4000.

All employees have the Empl Reimbursement menu option under their Employee tab. If you need to enter a reimbursement on behalf of another employee, you must use the uBusiness tab. Unless your department has requested on the Employee Reimbursement System Routing Form that you be an approver, proxy or verifier, you will not be able to enter by using the Ubusiness tab.

To start a travel reimbursement, click the Start/Cont Travel menu option in the top left of the screen, or to start a non-travel reimbursement, click Start Non-Travel.

This page was last updated on February 16, 2016.

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