Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

The Key Fields appear on every screen in the Employee Reimbursement System and include the Payee Name, Dept, Rmbrs #, Date and Rqstn #.

Your name will automatically appear in the Payee Name field. If you are entering information on behalf of another employee, you must use the uBusiness tab rather than the Employee tab, and then type the employee’s name (last name first, with no commas), and, depending on the type of reimbursement, click either the Start/Cont Travel or Start Non-Travel menu options to the left.

The Dept field indicates the five-digit Institutional Research Department Code associated with the employee. This information is drawn from the Human Resources file for the employee’s name and cannot be changed on this system. (If a change is necessary to reflect the employee’s current status, please contact the Payroll Office, rather than Human Resource Services.) Graduate students and XH employees will have 99999 or 00000 as their department.

The Rmbrs # field is blank at this point, but will be populated after clicking the Continue button. The Rmbrs # will be the reference number that appears on your departmental statement or e-Data when the employee is reimbursed for expenditures.

The Date defaults to a blank field, but will be changed on a subsequent screen.

The Rqstn # field is blank at this time, but will be populated later if an Air Ticket Requisition is completed. The Rqstn # will be the reference number that appears on your departmental statement for the air ticket expenses. If no Air Ticket Requisition is created, the Rqstn # field will remain blank.

The ? Help icon to the top right provides access to a Help menu designed for that particular screen. You can also call Dave Baker (515) 294-1940 or Jane Houk (515) 294-5180 for assistance.

If you have a small monitor, you can free up nearly an inch of vertical space by clicking on the Hide Tabs icon. Click the Show Tabs icon to return to the original setting.

This page was last updated on February 16, 2016.

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