Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

The instructions below are for travel reimbursements. To see the instructions for non-travel reimbursements, please go to Entering Non-Travel Expenses.

Follow the instructions for Logging In to access the Employee Reimbursement System.

If you already have spoken with an agent at Travel and Transport regarding flight options, you must submit the Air Ticket Requisition within 24 hours to be assured of the same price.

To create an Air Ticket Requisition or Authorization (Estimate of Expenses) before the trip, enter the Payee Name (last name first, with no comma) in the key area, then click the Start/Cont Travel menu option in the top left.

If the Payee Name you need appears below the name you typed, click the New Rmbrs button to the left. If the Payee Name you are attempting to enter does not appear, it probably is because the Payee is not an employee of Iowa State University. (Non-employees must be reimbursed on a Simple Disbursement Voucher.) Also be sure to check for nicknames, misspellings and similar names from other departments.

The last four digits of the ISU ID number appear under the ID # column to help distinguish between graduate students with identical names.

Clicking on the New Rmbrs button allows you to indicate if you need to do an Air Ticket Requisition and/or an Authorization. Clicking on the Prev Rmbrs button allows you to access information about the last fifteen trips the employee has taken. Clicking on the Trvlr by Depart Date button allows you to browse all previous trips for this traveler.

The default settings for both the Air Ticket Requisition and Authorization are No, meaning that neither is required.

Click Yes for the first question if you need to purchase a ticket through ISU’s contracted travel agency. If you are purchasing a ticket with your own credit card or paying by voucher, you should leave the default setting at No.

Click Yes to the second question if your department or college requires you to do a pre-trip authorization. If none is required, you should leave the default setting at No.

Leave the third question at the default setting of Yes if the traveler will need to be reimbursed for expenses after the trip. If not, click No.

Clicking the Continue button will take you to the screens that allow you to create an Air Ticket Requisition and/or an Authorization. Even if the Yes button is selected for reimbursable expenses, you will not be allowed to enter reimbursable expenses until after the first date of the trip.

After you click Continue, a Rmbrs # will be assigned, which will be the reference number used to access this reimbursement again, as well as the reference number used for accounting transactions.

This page was last updated on February 16, 2016.

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