Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

When logging in to the Employee Reimbursement System, the Payee Name will default to your name.

If entering expenses for another employee, enter the correct Payee Name, and click on Start Non-Travel. Do not attempt to change the Dept, as this will change automatically after you have clicked on New Rmbrs.

Start/Cont Travel would be used for employee travel reimbursements, and Non-ISU Employee would be used for the air tickets of non-employees. Non-employee travel expenses still must be entered on a Simple Disbursement Voucher.

After clicking Start Non-Travel the name of your payee should appear at the top of the list. The last four digits of the ISU ID number are displayed under the ### column to discern identical names. For Non-Travel Reimbursements you almost always will click New Rmbrs, as there will not have been a Rmbrs # already established by ordering an Air Ticket Requisition or doing an Authorization. The Dept will be automatically updated on the next screen to reflect the payee's Vacation Sick Leave home.

After clicking on New Rmbrs, click on the Continue button to establish a Rmbrs #.

The possible values are Active, Cancel, and Void. Do not change the Status, except to Cancel a reimbursement. Void means the system has automatically cancelled an incomplete reimbursement that had not been paid after 90 days. A status of Paid will appear after the reimbursement has been paid, although this option does not appear on the drop-down list.

Receipt Date:
The Receipt Date defaults to today’s date. This should be changed to the date of the purchase. Drop-downs are available for the Month, Date and Year, or you can click on the Calendar icon and select the date with your mouse.

Vendor Name:
The Vendor Name can be selected from a drop-down menu or keyed manually. The drop-down is preferred, as this will give us more consistent vendor names for data collection.

Items Purchased:
This field should contain a complete description of what is being purchased.

Business Purpose:
The business purpose needs to explain why this is an appropriate use of ISU funds. It cannot be merely a restatement of the Items Purchased above.

Object Code:
The Object Code can be selected from a drop-down menu or keyed manually. If you select a Hospitality object code (36XXX) you will be prompted to complete the section below the heading Required for Hospitality Event Items. Hospitality expenses require additional fields to be completed to ensure that the expenses are appropriate. Please see the example on the following page.

If a hospitality class code is used, you will be required to complete this section, including the dates, location, and names of the participants. Please see the Hospitality page of the tutorial for information about how to complete this section.

Please see Saving, Continuing, Reviewing, or Deleting for an explanation of the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

This page was last updated on February 16, 2016.

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