Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

If the traveler previously completed an Air Ticket Requisition or an Authorization, a Rmbrs # already has been established. This Rmbrs # should be used for the reimbursement rather than creating a separate Rmbrs #. To search for an established Rmbrs #, enter the Payee Name (last name first, with no commas), click Start/Cont Travel menu option to the left, then click Prev Rmbrs, and a list of the 15 most recent Rmbrs #s for the traveler will appear. If you find a match, click on the Rmbrs #, and then click on the Enter Expenses menu option.

If you have not already completed an Air Ticket Requisition or an Authorization by the time the trip is over, you still need to establish a Rmbrs # to be able to complete the Reimbursement. To create a Reimbursement, enter the Payee Name (last name first, with no commas), click on Start/Cont Travel, then click New Rmbrs to the left of the selected Payee Name. On the Travel Dates/Purpose screen you can accept both default No settings for the Air Ticket Requisition and Authorization and click Continue. The next step will be to complete the Travel Dates and Purpose screen.

In previous screens you already established the beginning and ending dates of travel. Your daily reimbursement panels will be determined by those dates. The first day's expenses would be entered on the Employee Reimbursement System as shown below.

Users also have the option to enter a Registration amount paid either by voucher or P-Card. This does not affect the reimbursed amount or create an accounting entry. However, it provides easier tracking of expenses for those departments that choose to use the feature. In this case, the prepaid Registration was $300.00, which appears on the expense panel for each day of the trip.

Entering the correct Depart Time and Return Time on the daily expense panels determines both the allowable amounts for meals and whether they are recorded as taxable income.

The Update/Refresh button is not required, but allows you to check for errors and to save your work without advancing to the next step.

Clicking on Continue to Next Day saves your work and allows you to enter the next day's expenses. You will only be allowed to enter expenses for the date range specified on the Travel Dates/Purpose screen.

Most Reimbursements will be for a single trip where there are no gaps in travel dates. Please see Non Continuous Travel Dates for an example of how to handle gaps in travel dates.

Clicking Continue Same Day allows the entry of multiple trips on the same day. However, you need to enter a Return Time for each trip, as the system will default to Overnight unless otherwise specified.

Clicking Continue to allows jumping ahead to the date entered in the fields to the right.

Clicking Clear this Record deletes the saved data from this day.

The final day's expenses are entered below. Note that the middle button at the bottom of the page has changed from Continue to Next Day to Allocate Expenses, as the system recognizes you have reached the End Date entered on the Travel Dates and Purpose screen.

Click on Allocate Expenses to complete the entering of expenses and to assign account numbers to be charged.

This page was last updated on Februarh 16, 2016.

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