Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

After the approver rejects a Reimbursement, the originator will receive an e-mail giving the Rmbrs # of the Reimbursement that must be corrected, as well as the reason it was rejected.

The rejection message also is available in E-Forms Approval. To access it, the originator can enter the Rmbrs # in the E-Form Key field, select EMP RMBRS in the E-Form Type field, and click the by E-Form Key menu option. Be careful to select the Reimbursement (RMBRS) rather than the Authorization (ATHRN) if both are present.

The rejection message sometimes is on the second page of the document, as each page is limited to 25 lines. To view the second page, click on the Next button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

The originator does not have to click a button in E-Forms Approval. Instead, the originator should make a note of the rejection message and return to the Employee Reimbursement System, enter the Rmbrs #, click Rmbrs Req/Unroute, and click Unroute.

Once Unroute has been clicked, go to Daily Expense Detail and select the day to be corrected. If you change an expense amount, please remember to go to Allocate Expenses and adjust the amounts to be charged to each fund account. The final step is to go to Route Trvl Rmbrs and route the corrected Reimbursement for approval. The employee will not have to re-confirm the corrected reimbursement, although the employee is informed that a change has been made.

This page was last updated on February 16, 2016.

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