Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

You can reduce the volume of forms in the browse by choosing the by E-Form Key browse instead. The e-mail you received as the approver or proxy gave you the six-digit Rmbrs# (e.g., 461000), which you can enter in the E-Form Key field in the top right. Next, you can click on the drop-down menu under E-Form Type and select EMP RMBRS. (If you do not select EMP RMBRS under E-Form Type you will not be able to see any information.) Finally, click on the by E-Form Key menu option at the top left. This will allow you to browse only the Employee Reimbursement forms beginning with the Rmbrs # you entered.

After an Authorization or Reimbursement has been approved, it will not appear under the For Approval browse. You also will not be able to use the For Approval browse if you were not designated as an approver or proxy. In either case, you can also use the by E-Form Key browse to access what you need to see.

This page was last updated on February 16, 2016.

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