Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

In most cases, the approver will need to click the Additional Info button to review both the detail of expenses and the PDF file of required receipts before making the decision whether to approve the Reimbursement. If you are satisfied that the receipts support the expenses being claimed, and that the expenses are reasonable, you can click the Approve button.

(If you click more than once you will get an error message reading "SQL CODE = 181 928 SELECT EFB0130 CONTACT ADP ANALYST." When this error message appears you should click OK to make the message disappear. To confirm that your approval has been registered despite the error message, follow the steps detailed in View Routing. If you continue to get this error message even when you are sure you have clicked only once, please contact Dave Baker at 294-1940.)

If there is another person following you in the approval chain s/he will be notified by e-mail of the action needed.

If you are the last person in the approval chain the Reimbursement will be added to the batch to be reimbursed on the next payment date.

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