Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

This screen allows you to browse a list of all the trips for travelers in your department, sorted by departure date. You should check it regularly to ensure that no Reimbursements are delayed.

The "department" is the five-digit Institutional Research Department Code (e.g., 12050 = Controller's Department). (See Institutional Research for more information.) You can change the Department Code by entering a new number in the Dept key field near the top of the screen. A translation of the number in the Dept field to a department name is given immediately below the key field.

If you have several transactions, you will need to click the Next button in the top left of the screen to find the record you are looking for. As a shortcut, you can enter a more recent date in the Date field above and click on Dept by Depart Date again.

Once you have located the record you want to look at, click on the gray button to the left of the record. The default screen the system will take you to is the Travel Dates/Purpose screen.

However, you can click on Daily Expense Detail to view the Reimbursement, Air Ticket Rqstn to see to the Air Ticket Requisition, or Estimate Expenses to see the Authorization.

No fields are directly updateable on this screen.

This page was last updated on February 18, 2016.

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