Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

**On April 26, 2018, the Air Ticket Requisition will cease to function. The new procedure to purchase an air ticket through a contracted travel agency will be to use a specially-authorized Purchasing Card.**

If you clicked Yes to the first question on the Travel Dates/Purpose screen (see Getting Started) you will be directed to a screen similar to the one below to create an Air Ticket Requisition. This example already has the information entered. However, the screen you will see initially will have several blank fields.

Do not attempt to take a shortcut by clicking first on Air Ticket Requisition without having clicked on Start/Cont Travel. (Exception: If you are ordering an air ticket for a non-employee, you should skip Start/Continue Travel and click first on Non-ISU Employee.)

Do not attempt to change the Status field, except to remove the encumbrance for a ticket already canceled through a contracted travel agency.

The Flight Depart City defaults to Des Moines, but it can be changed if you are departing from another airport.

The Flight Dest City should be the last airport on the trip, which may be different from the city to which you are eventually driving.

We currently only have one contracted agency (Travel and Transport), and all tickets are delivered electronically, rather than to a campus address.

The Agent Name is optional.

If more than one Acct Num is used, the first fund account will limited to the amount entered. The $30.50 service fee will be assessed to the first fund account, although this will not exceed the amount entered for the first fund account. For example, if you entered $200.00 for the first line, $169.50 would go towards the ticket price, and $30.50 to the service fee. Any excess amount will be added to the last fund account listed. (Exception: The maximum to be charged to the first only applies if all air tickets are billed the same month. If additional tickets are purchased on the same air ticket requisition in subsequent months, the additional charges will be be billed to the first account.)

You can change the fund account at any time before the air tickets are billed intramurally, at which time the STATUS field will read BILLED. There is no need to resend the fund account number change to the travel agency, as this information does not appear on their copy.

If an air ticket already has been billed intramurally, and you need to change travel dates or amounts, you must create a new Rmbrs # to send a revised Air Ticket Requisition. There are two Comments lines at the bottom of the form that enable you to make reference to the original Air Ticket Requisition number. This will help the travel agent to make the connection between the two Air Ticket Requisition numbers.

The Actl Amt will not be populated until you are billed intramurally, which usually will be 4 – 8 weeks from the date of the ticket purchase.

The Comments fields can be used to provide additional information to the travel agent, although these fields are not required.

Clicking Update/Save is optional, but allows you to save your entered data if you are not ready to send the form to the travel agency to order the air ticket.

Clicking on the ? Help icon at the top right of the screen will take you to a guide to entering the different fields.

Creating an Air Ticket Requisition creates an encumbrance on the account(s) used, although encumbrances are only updated twice per week.

Do not forget to click Continue to go to the Air Ticket Order screen to send the information to the travel agency after completing the Air Ticket Requisition screen.

This page was last updated on April 8, 2018.

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