Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

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Up to three per reimbursement, which are chosen after all expenses are entered.

Up to three per receipt, which are chosen as each item is entered.

Object Codes

Automatically assigned as 0221 for domestic or 0222 for foreign.

Many object codes are available from a drop-down menu.

Expense Entry

One screen for each calendar day, including several receipts per screen.

One screen for an individual receipt, which may mean several screens for an individual day.

Subsequent Reimbursements

If you find another receipt after you submitted expenses for approval, you can do a second reimbursement on the same Rmbrs #

Once your have sumbitted a Non-Travel Reimbursement for approval, you cannot add another receipt. You must start a second Rmbrs #.


Receipts under $75.00 usually are not required. Exceptions include lodging, group meals, and expenses paid on behalf of another traveler, all of which always require receipts.

Receipts are required for all items, regardless of amount.

Audit Selection

A sampling method selects certain travel reimbursements for audit, which is more likely to include international reimbursements and larger-dollar reimbursements.

Non-Travel Reimbursements also are selected for audit by a sampling method, which is based on the dollar amount.

Document Identifiers

Formerly Event #, now both Travel and Non-Travel are Rmbrs #.

Rmbrs #

Names of Payees

Formerly Traveler, now both Travel and Non-Travel use Payee


Location of the menu option for the Confirmation of Expenses

Rmbrs Req/Unroute is located under the Process Travel-Route heading.

Update NT Rmbrs is located under the Process Non-Trvl-NT Update heading.

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