Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

All employees must log in to confirm their expenses before reimbursement. An employee is not allowed to give his/her ID number and password to another person to delegate this task.

If the employee enters his/her own expenses, the Employee Reimbursement System will take the employee to the confirmation screen below. If an originator enters expenses on behalf of the employee, the employee will receive an e-mail prompting the employee to log in to Access Plus, click Empl Reimbursement, enter the Rmbrs #, and click Rmbrs Req/Unroute. After reading the instructions in the gray shaded area, the employee can either confirm or reject the expenses.

In the example below, since the Payee also is an Approver, Proxy or Verifier, the payee is prompted to route after confirming. Usually the button will read Confirm, rather than Confirm, then Route.

When the employee confirms the expenses, the Employee Reimbursement System will send an e-mail to a verifier, who will review receipts and route the reimbursement for approval. If the employee also is an approver, proxy or verifier, s/he will be prompted to route his/her own expenses for approval, rather than forwarding them to a verifier.

Confirming Expenses without an E-mail
When expenses are entered on behalf of the employee, usually the employee will receive an e-mail with directions for how go to the confirmation screen. If the employee does not have a valid e-mail address, or for some other reason did not receive an e-mail, s/he can still follow these instructions to confirm.

  1. Log in to AccessPlus
  2. Click on the Employee tab
  3. Click on Empl Reimbursement on the far left of the screen
  4. Enter the six-digit Rmbrs # field at the top center of the screen
  5. Click on Rmbrs Req/Unroute on the far left of the screen
  6. Click on Confirm or Reject after reading the instructions on the screen

If the employee does not know the Rmbrs #, s/he can click Start/Cont Travel, then Prev Rmbrs to browse the trips available.

Error Messages
Once an employee ends employment with ISU, s/he will lose access to systems for employees, such as the Employee Reimbursement System. If a terminated employee attempts to log in to confirm expenses, s/he will get an error message.

The solution for payees no longer employed at ISU is to cancel the reimbursement in AccessPlus and to start over with a Simple Disbursement Voucher.

Even though a C-base graduate student or XH-base hourly employee was paid in the most recent pay period, it is possible their status in Human Resource Services is listed as "Terminated." The solution for C-base graduate students and XH-base hourly employees still working at ISU is to have their employment status renewed every year by completing and returning a form to Human Resource Services.

This page was last updated on February 16, 2016.

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