Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

When a Reimbursement has been routed for approval, it drops off this browse and instead appears on the Routed, Unreimbursed Trips browse.

The Dept is the five-digit Institutional Research Department Code. (See Institutional Research for more information.) You can enter a different Dept if needed. A translation of the number in the Dept field to a department name is given immediately below the key field area. Graduate students will appear under department code 99999 instead of your regular department code.

You can use this screen to determine whose expenses still need to be routed for reimbursement.

The Cnfrm? field indicates what steps have been taken so far.

NO EXP = An Authorization or Air Ticket Requisition were previously entered, and the Return Date has passed. However, no expenses have been entered. The amounts displayed in colored text are the amounts authorized before the trip. If the displayed amount is zero, no pre-trip authorization was submitted.

INCMP EXP = Some expenses have been entered, but they have not been allocated to a valid account number.

NO CNFRM = A Reimbursement has been entered and allocated to a valid account number. However, the employee has not logged in to AccessPlus to confirm expenses. This could also mean the Verifier did not click the Route/Send button on the Route Reimbursement screen, so the employee never received an e-mail prompting him/her to log in to AccessPlus to confirm expenses.

CNFRM = The employee has logged in and confirmed expenses. However, the department has not routed the Reimbursement for approval. Once the Reimbursement has been routed by the department, it will no longer appear on this browse.

If you have several transactions, you may need to click Next to find the record you are looking for. Once you have located the record you want to look at, click on the gray button to the left of the record.

No fields are directly updateable on this screen.

This page was last updated on February 16, 2016.

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