Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

If you completed an Authorization before the trip, this browse allows you to compare your Estimated Expenses from the Authorization and the Actual expenses from the Reimbursement. (You must first enter the Rmbrs # in the key field and click the Compare Expenses menu option to the far left.) If you did not complete an Authorization before the trip, this screen will show zero amounts for both Estimated and Actual.

If there is a variance between Estimated and Actual amounts, it is up to the approver to determine whether action (e.g., reducing expenses claimed) is needed.

There is no need to increase the Estimated amounts at this point. The Actual expenses can be reviewed by clicking the Daily Expense Detail menu option at the far left.

None of the fields on this screen is directly updateable. If the approver rejects the Reimbursement, the expenses claimed can be adjusted.

This page was last updated on February 16, 2016.

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