Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

If you have created a Rmbrs # in error, or need to cancel the trip for some other reason, you can do so by entering the Rmbrs # and clicking the Travel Dates / Purpose menu option. Next, change the Event Status in the top right corner to Cancel. Finally, you must click the Update / Save button in the bottom left of the screen to save your changes.

In the image below, a conference was cancelled because of low attendance.

Canceling the Rmbrs # will prevent this trip from showing up on the browse of Completed / Unreimbursed Trips. If you approved a reimbursement in error, and changed the Event Status to Cancel before our reimbursement cutoff, it would prevent the reimbursement from being made. Canceling a Rmbrs # also would remove any encumbrance created by an Air Ticket Requisition or pre-trip Authorization (created through the Estimate Expenses menu option). If you had ordered an air ticket, you would still need to contact the travel agent to see if a credit was available, as the Employee Reimbursement System would not automatically inform the travel agent.

The image below shows how the screen will appear after the Rmbrs # has been canceled. You can click the Reactivate button to reactivate and make any changes.

If you created a Rmbrs # in error, you may want to change the Destination City and/or Justification to VOID to easily distinguish this trip when using the different browses on the Employee Reimbursement System. You must complete the Destination City and Justification fields before you will be allowed to cancel the trip. Entering VOID in both fields will suffice. You must also click Update/Save to save your changes.

This page was last updated on February 16, 2016.

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