Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

All employees have access to the Employee Reimbursement System and are able to enter their own Authorizations if they choose. The routing path will be slightly different, depending on who enters the Authorization.

Employee Enters the Authorization:
If the employee is not an approver, proxy or originator (verifier), s/he cannot route the Authorization for approval. After s/he completes the Authorization s/he will click the Send E-mail button, and the persons listed at the bottom of the Employee Reimbursement System Routing form as Designated Verifier/Senders will receive an e-mail prompting them to log in and route it for approval.

[Exception: If the employee has the role of approver, proxy or originator (verifier), s/he should continue to use the uBusiness tab rather than the Employee tab in AccessPlus; otherwise, it may not route properly. As the approver, proxy or originator (verifier) is part of the routing chain s/he must click the Route button to forward the Authorization for approval. When the employee enters his/her own Authorization and the employee is a verifier, proxy or approver no e-mail will be sent to another person in the department to prompt them to click Route on behalf of the employee.]

Originator (Verifier) Enters the Authorization on Behalf of the Employee:
If an originator (verifier) enters the authorization on behalf of the employee, s/he can click Route to route it for approval. The approver and proxies will receive an e-mail prompting them to log in and approve the Authorization. The employee does not need to log in to confirm the Authorization, as would be required for a Reimbursement.

Authorizations are routed first to the designated approvers (and proxies) for the department codes associated with the employee's Vacation/Sick Leave home and then sequentially to the approvers (and proxies) of the fund account number(s) used. Any persons with a For Information Only role will be informed after the last approver has approved. The For Information Only person will not delay the approval if s/he fails to act. However, s/he can reject the Authorization. The Reimbursement may not be completed until after the last approver has approved the Authorization.

This page was last udpated on February 16, 2016.

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