Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

Categories not listed below probably are prohibited by the Restrictions on Non-Travel Reimbursements. Please contact Jane Houk at 294-5180 if you have questions.

  • Supplies Purchased by Employees

    Purchases of supplies must be for less than 500.00, and cannot be for items that are otherwise restricted by ISU’s procurement policy. (Ammunition, firearms, laboratory animals, pharmaceuticals, printing, photocopying, purchases from conflict-of-interest vendors, etc. must be pre-approved by Procurement Services.)

    Departments are allowed to deduct sales tax from the reimbursement as an incentive to use the Purchasing Card for future transactions.

    All supplies purchased are the property of Iowa State University.

  • Cell Phone Minutes

    Reimbursement for cell phone minutes used after July 1, 2009 will be restricted. Only roaming charges, minute overage charges and international or temporary access may be reimbursed. This replaces the old policy that allowed a per-minute reimbursement, regardless of whether this representated an additional cost to the user.

    See Communication Technology Allowance and Reimbursement Procedures

  • Interview Expenses Paid by ISU Employees

    The Purchasing Card should be used for interview expenses whenever possible, rather than the Employee Reimbursement system. Itemized receipts are required for meals. Alcohol cannot be reimbursed, except when using 206 funds, or when hosting non-ISU employees and using unrestricted 497 funds. For group meals, the names of the attendees and the business purpose of the meeting must be included.

This page was last updated on February 28, 2017.

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