Employee Reimbursements Tutorial

**On April 26, 2018, the Air Ticket Order will cease to function. The new procedure to purchase an air ticket through a contracted travel agency will be to use a specially-authorized Purchasing Card.**

If the information on the Air Ticket Order screen has been entered correctly, you have two options at the bottom of the screen. The option most users will prefer will be to click Order, which will send an electronic document to the contracted travel agency. If you want to delay sending the Air Ticket Order to the travel agency, skip the Order button and click on the Go to Travel Dates/Purpose button.

The fields for Last Order, Dept Code, Phone, and Dept Title will not be populated until you click the Order button, but they will be included on the electronic document received by the travel agent.

The Last Order field will record the time and date the Air Ticket Order was sent. You also will get a message in red that confirms the Air Ticket Order has been sent. Please remember to click the Go to Travel Dates/Purpose button before logging off. Failure to complete the Travel Dates/Purpose screen will prevent the trip from showing up on the browses for Existing Trips or Trvlr by Depart Date.

This page was last updated on April 8, 2018.

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