Controller's Department

Communication Technology Allowance Policy
and Reimbursement Procedures

New policy effective July 1, 2009 (Revised 8/16/16)

The full content of the Communication Technology Allowance (CTA) Policy is located in the University Policy Library.

For eligible employees as defined in the CTA Policy, the university may provide allowances for the following technology services:

  • Cellular devices voice/text messaging service
  • Cellular devices ISP (internet service provider) data service associated with devices such as smart phones and PDA's
  • Cellular wireless modems associated with devices such as laptop computers

Allowances are provided to help cover the monthly cost for business use of an eligible employee's personal cellular voice or cellular data service. Allowances must be approved and paid as outlined in the CTA and Reimbursement Procedures and CTA Request Form/Instructions. See links below:

Communication Technology Allowance and Reimbursement Procedures (Revised 1/3/12)

Communication Technology Allowance Request Form (Revised 1/3/12)

Infrequent employee reimbursement for cellular voice calls:
After July 1, 2009, employees who do not meet eligibility requirements to qualify for a cellular voice service allowance may be reimbursed for the actual cost of necessary business calls made on an infrequent basis on an employee’s personal cellular device if:

  • Each business call is identified and justified in writing, AND
  • The business cellular voice use causes the personal plan to incur additional costs due to
    • Roaming charges and/or
    • Minute overage charges if ISU business calls caused the contract voice minutes to be exceeded in a given billing cycle and/or
    • International or temporary access to other services when on temporary assignment or travel status

The university will not reimburse employees for incidental use of personal cellular devices/services where no additional costs are caused due to university business use as it is assumed employees would have incurred their plan costs regardless of whether or not there was business use.

Infrequent business use of text messaging and ISP data services:
The university will not reimburse for infrequent business use of text messaging and ISP data service unless there is documentation of the actual university business usage. With departmental approval, employees in extended travel status may request and receive reimbursement for data access when it is the most cost effective option for obtaining these services.

Home internet reimbursement:
The university will not reimburse employees for incidental use of home internet/data access as it is assumed employees already have internet access and are incurring no additional costs due to university business use.

There may be special circumstances where an employee’s primary workspace is not located in university owned or rented space and where such costs may be considered allowable. Such workplace arrangements must be documented and approved by the employing unit prior to costs being incurred or paid.

Question regarding the Communication Technology Allowance Policy or Reimbursement Procedures may be directed to Kathy Dobbs, 4-6653.