Controller's Department

The VOucher Document, also known as VO, is an internally developed application that uses Kuali electronic workflow and routing, allowing for easy tracking of approval and payment status. Kuali is a community of universities, colleges, and other organizations that partner together to build and sustain open-source software for higher education, by higher education. The VOucher document software has been developed to have the format and navigational look of Kuali Financial Systems documents.

Training Opportunities

VOucher approvers will want to watch the training videos and / or read the system reference manual.

  • Recorded Training Videos:

    We have developed a series of training videos to allow access to training when it is convenient for users, allow users to break the training down into smaller sections to accommodate time available, and allow users to review sessions as needed or when specific situations are encountered. The videos range in length from 5 to 20 minutes, for a total of approximately 2.5 hours.

    To access the videos, go to Video Training. Please sort the videos by name, so that you watch the V 00 video first, followed by V 01, V 02, etc.

  • Systems Reference Manual:

    The reference manual for the VO System is available on the Controller’s Website. The reference manual covers the same topics as the videos, although sometimes in greater detail. We discourage printing the reference manual, as it is 59 pages long, and may be subject to future edits/enhancements. The online version of the manual will note the date of last revision.

VOucher Workflow/Routing

The VO routes to the Fiscal Officer and Delegates for the department that requested the requisition based on the default account number in the Requisitioning System then it routes to the funding department.