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Campus Organizations Accounting Office

Treasurer Training

Treasurer Training will be done via Canvas for this academic year.

It is necessary for all treasurers to complete their treasurer certification each academic year prior to spending funds from their account.

Email the Campus Organizations Accounting Office at to register.

Treasurer Training Manual

Scam Alert

Please read message below!

The scam:
      Wire fraud has been in the news this year. It involves criminals who carefully research organizations. They seek to find someone in authority (supervisor, CEO, director, etc…) and the person who handles money and office tasks.

      Recently these criminals have been targeting student clubs. A club website clearly lists all club officers, their titles and their email addresses. It appears that a new scam is in play:
      ● A fake email from the club president asks the club secretary to make a cash transaction of some sort. This email is sent with common email forging tools.

      Typically, only one email is sent to the club treasurer. There are no hacks required for this scam. Instead, the hackers just perform clever Google searches to identify a club and its officers.

About the fake email from the club president:
      The attacker uses a hidden Reply-To: line to redirect email replies to himself. The Reply-To: line overrides the From: line when a reply is attempted. Instead of corresponding with the club president (whose address is in the From: field) the treasurer is actually corresponding with the attacker whose address is in the hidden Reply-To field.

      If the attacker is clever, he will convince the treasurer to transfer funds. Some of our students corresponded with the attacker before they became alarmed.

Please forward original email to

Sample email